I graduated from college today!
My three years of college were blessed with great photography opportunities & classes, wonderful friendships, amazing professors, and such a loving & patient family (who helped me with my studying and modeled for photoshoots without much complaining). I was able to graduate 100% debt free, and I own a growing business.
I am probably the worst person to talk to about motivation or preparation or anything super scholarly - but I have learned that if you pursue something you absolutely love and feel that God has called you to do it - then He will definitely bless you beyond what you thought possible! (Really though. I was considering education or journalism. Never did I ever expect to own my own business shooting weddings/portraits. I’m telling you, never. But God had this planned all along and I am constantly amazed by His faithfulness!)
In Christ alone was all of this possible - without His grace and plan for my life, none of this would be happening.