I did not want to win Her battles, I wanted to encourage Her to fight.

T.B. LaBerge // The Novel of Us (via tblaberge)

May you pick up your tea when it’s exactly the right temperature, and may you happen to glance out the window when the light is just how you like it.

Who cares how cliché and “Pinteresty” wedding details have become. This kind of thing is still beautiful and so much fun to shoot.

(vía Adventures in Cooking: Roast Chicken with Persimmons & Sage)
This makes me so happy for summer.

© a beautiful mess | learning about indoor plants 

denise loves toting flowers from the market in her @madewell1937 transport tote! #totewell (at Flower Girl)
I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love the way it smells and how it looks right when the cream is poured in. Mesmerizing.

Velvet Moon | Spring 2014 Lookbook
had exactly this for breakfast today and it was WONDERFUL.

Shelterwood by Fuji Foto Fotography (Daniel Feivor)Flickr Tumblr Redbubble

Creme Brulee French Toast